SYSTEMarchitects LIc


124 West 30th Street - Studio 319
New York, New York 10001
+1 212 625-0005
+1 800 796-4152

SYSTEMarchitects is an innovative practice cofounded in 1998 by partners Jeremy Edmiston* and Douglas Gauthier** in New York City. The practice is a simultaneous engagement with and reflection on contemporary culture. Participating in this culture necessitates a focus on spaces that are multi-layered, overlapping, and intertwining — systems consisting of varying constituencies, economies and environments — systems both concrete and intangible.

This diversity of space is reflected in SYSTEM projects such as winning entries for both the 2004 New Housing New York Competition and the 2003 SECCA HOME House Competition, and demonstrated by the kosovoKIT submission to the Architects for Humanity Competition. SYSTEMarchitects were featured in TIME Magazine as INNOVATORS 2005 for the BURST*.003 housing prototype. SYSTEM has also been the recipient of various awards including the January 2004 Metropolis issue: City of the Near Future, the 2002 Architectural Design: Versioning, Evolutionary Techniques in Architecture, the 2001 Architectural Record: Design Vanguard, 2ndNATURE — The Architectural League’s Young Architects Forum 2000, and as a finalist in the 2001 and 2003 P.S.1/MoMA Summer Warm-Up Young Architect Program.

*Jeremy Edmiston's CV

**Douglas left SYSTEMarchitects in 2007 to start Gauthier Architects.